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If you need to find a local stockist elsewhere in the UK, check out the ‘SUPPLIERS’ page on the REMIN Scotland website www.reminscotland.com/   We’re there, too!  
TESTIMONIALS from users of volcanic rock dust – vegetable growers, flower growers, cactus enthusiasts, farmers, commercial growers, fruit growers, alpine plant growers . . . the list goes on !                                                                         REMIN News Some more feedback from REMIN users
HOW TO USE volcanic rock dust  Simple guidelines for using rock dust.  Visit REMIN’s ‘How To Use’ page or download our information sheet.  You don’t need to use vast quantities, but you can’t ‘overdose’ with it either!
Remineralize the Earth   Originally set up by the late, great John Hamaker and Don Weaver, authors of “The Survival of Civilization”. If you really want to explore in greater depth the whole question of the value of soil remineralisation, you will find much more information on this American website run by Joanna Campe, Co-Editor of an important new publication “Geotherapy” which also features the achievements of the SEER Centre in Scotland, started by Cameron and Moira Thomson in 1997 to explore the value and potential of using volcanic rock dust to enhance poor soils, after they had already been experimenting with rock dust for the previous 13 years.  See our ‘Finding Old Books’ page for links to download some useful titles, old and new!
We originally got our supplies of rock dust from the SEER Centre.  Sadly, the Centre has now closed and they are no longer supplying rock dust, but Cameron and Moira deserve enormous credit for pioneering the use of volcanic rock dust to enhance soil growing conditions, when many people thought it was a crazy idea.  The SEER Centre website is ‘currently still active as a historical site’ (to quote Moira) and definitely worth a visit, plus you will find more about those early days via these links:–
BBC1 Scotland 23rd September 2004, launch of SEER Rockdust onto the UK Market, featuring Prof. Hugh Flowers, University of Glasgow.
Beechgrove Garden, 23rd September 2004                 BBC Landward                   Swedish TV News featuring Dr Robin Szmidt (x-SEER Trustee/Chair and leading researcher of Rockdust since 1993)  Swedish with some conversations in English and some English subtitles.
A POSSIBLE MEANS TO REDUCE GLOBAL WARMING?  Yes, research is currently being undertaken to see whether the application of volcanic rock dust to large areas of land can be an effective way of taking some of the excess carbon dioxide out of the earth’s atmosphere and so reduce, or at least slow down, the ‘greenhouse effect’ which is leading to significant climate change.  The early indications are positive.  See these links:–
http://lc3m.org/ The Leverhulme Centre for Climate Change Mitigation (LC3M) is conducting the experiments.  A very interesting website, well worth exploring.  Three films at http://lc3m.org/films/ (but more may be added!).  The first (Dec. 2018) is a 4-minute BBC News report from David Shukman on experiments with using rock dust and slag.  The second (Feb. 2018) lasts about 5½ minutes and is ‘An introduction to the Leverhulme Centre for Climate Change Mitigation (LC3M) and its research programme to objectively investigate enhanced rock weathering with croplands as a strategy for safely removing CO2 from the atmosphere to cool the planet.’  The third (July 2017) lasts more than 45 minutes and is full of fascinating scientific information from Prof. David Beerling.  Well worth watching if you want more in-depth information.  Prof. Beerling told Moira in 2017 “I was very pleased to read about your pioneering research. I hope we can put it on strong scientific footing in the years ahead.   We now have a whole scientific programme on enhanced rock weathering. ”    So using rock dust on our soil may be helping to combat climate change as well as improving crop nutrition – great news!
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