Every year we spend time leafing through several catalogues, trying to spot the most suitable varieties and the best prices.  Here are some of our favourites:–

E.W.King & Co Ltd, (incorporating Suffolk Herbs) Monks Farm, Kelvedon, Colchester, Essex, CO5 9PG.  (01376) 570000.  Kings are the parent company of Suffolk Herbs and deal with large and small quantities of seeds.  They have catalogues for Home Gardeners and Commercial Growers and both are well illustrated.  Website (with online ordering) and e-mail

Marshalls, FREEPOST NATE104, Wisbech, Cambs., PE13 2BR have a good catalogue and have given us good service for normal ‘garden’ quantities and our tasty ‘Marshmello’ strawberries.  Phone 01945 466711.  Website with online ordering.

Chiltern Seeds have a well-deserved reputation for a truly vast range of seeds.  A wonderful catalogue with interesting detail on many different flowers, trees and other plants, including Oriental vegetables and uncommon vegetables.  200+ pages on paper. Website with online ordering.  E-mail

The Real Seed Catalogue was a new one for us in 2004 and has now become our major source for seeds.  We found them through an Eliot Coleman connection and they encouraged us to get started with selling Glaser Tools.  Technically, they operate a seed club, which you join by requesting seeds from them.  In this way, they can legally supply you with seeds of some old varieties which may not be on the official EU list.  We have used some for several years, and keep coming back for more!  They have some very interesting varieties and everything is ‘open pollinated’ - NO F1 varieties, so you can save your own seed!  Website with online catalogue and ordering, or by post.
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