A few pages to share some gardening ideas. . .

From time to time, there are things that we find ourselves chatting to people about.  Maybe a way of doing things that is different from others, sometimes old traditional methods that have got lost in the welter of high-tech or the ‘chemical solution to everything’.  We certainly go on learning things and are glad to glean any useful tips from anyone else.  So, at the risk of having a great tide of e-mails, full of helpful advice, please feel free to tell us any of your organic gardening tips that we might be able to include in these pages.
Here’s a little about our history with organic gardening and some of the sources which have had a strong influence on our gardening philosophy.
Don’t take your garden rubbish to the tip – you could compost it!  Would you like some advice on composting?
You have probably at least heard of this traditional herb – did you know it is good for tomatoes?
Compost Corner
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