Site Technical Information
The best bit is, it’s not very technical, and if we can do it, so can you!
Our Domain Name (blackberrylane.co.uk)
The site was originally registered through freenetname, who offered free Domain Names, together with email facilities, etc.  They were taken over by Madasafish but we are now ‘hosted’ elsewhere.  Most ISPs offer facilities to set up your own website.  
Site Building
Not highly technical, as we already had Serif PagePlus.  The older versions of this had a Web Page builder, just like ordinary DTP (Desk Top Publishing), with a few minor changes, and you could publish to the Web rather than onto paper.  The recent versions of PagePlus don’t handle website creation, so we expect to gradually change over to using Serif’s WebPlus.
Specialist Software
The only other software we needed was an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program.  Freenetname offered a price saving on Terrapin FTP and it proved effective and again, simple to use.  However, Terrapin is no longer supported so we have moved over to FileZilla, which seems rather better and just as simple!
Cute PDF Writer
Most computer users will have heard of and used Adobe Acrobat Reader, but we were told about a useful little program that will convert any file into a PDF, and found it very useful for putting our tool catalogue, price list and order form on the web.  Go to the CutePDF website for more information and free download of the Cute PDF Writer
Dave and Val Taylor
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