Lapford is roughly in the middle of Devon, just off the A377 which was the old main road linking Exeter and Barnstaple.  Population probably about 1000.  The Old Malt Scoop pub, the Post Office (closed in September 2013 but re-opened part-time in the Orchard Centre in 2014) and the Petrol Station / mini supermarket, not to mention the Railway Station and the small Industrial Estate.  A friendly village with old and new houses, some families that have been here for many generations, some who moved here several years ago as we did and other more recent arrivals.

The Lapford Lookout is a monthly village newsletter which was started for the the Year 2000.  We advertised in it as soon as we started growing vegetables for sale, and in 2000 they ran a series of articles in which Dave described our early days in gardening and some of the events on our way to starting in market gardening.  We started advertising there again in 2014 as soon as we had crops ready to sell.

There used to be a Lapford Website at one time and now we have heard a rumour that there may be one again quite soon.  Watch this space!  We might be featured there before too long . . .
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