Stirrup Hoe Blades         
100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 175 mm,
200 mm, 225 mm, 250 mm, 275 mm,
300 mm, 325 mm, 350 mm
Oscillating Block for Stirrup Hoes
Complete Block                    
M10 bolt+’nyloc’ nut+washer
‘Axle’ bolt                                
The ‘axle’ bolts also fit Oscillating Hoes.
See this link about replacing the M10 fixing bolt.
For ordering, please go to www.reagtools.co.uk

Blades for Goosefoot Hoes (also fitted to Wheelhoes)
The basic body of all the Glaser Goosefoot Hoes is exactly the same so, if you have one and want to get another (different type and/or different size), you only need to buy a different blade.                     
‘Positive’ Goosefoot Hoe Blades (Arrowhead shape)
120 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm
‘Negative’ Goosefoot Hoe Blades (V- shape)
130 mm, 175 mm, 200 mm
For ordering, please go to www.reagtools.co.uk
Replacement Blades, Blocks and Bolts
Versatile Hoe Heads
If you have more than one Glaser Collinear Hoe with replaceable blade, you will have realised that both sizes have the same ‘body’. We already offer a ‘two blades with one body’ option on the Glaser Hand Tools page, but of course you can add a blade of a different size to get the same result.
Collinear Hoe Blades   100 mm , 175 mm
For ordering, please go to www.reagtools.co.uk
In the same way, the Glaser Trapezoid Hoes, Standard Hoes and Dutch Hoes all share the same body and the blades are interchangeable.
This means that not only can you fit fresh blades when you eventually wear out the originals but you can also buy different blades and fit them to your existing hoe body.
Versatile and cost-saving - provided, of course, that you don’t want to be able to use all the hoe types or sizes at the same time!
Trapezoid Hoe Blades 130 mm,175 mm, 200 mm
Standard Hoe Blades    120 mm, 150 mm  
Dutch Hoe Blades          175 mm  
Weed Sweeper Blades    100 mm
For ordering, please go to www.reagtools.co.uk
Oscillating Hoes and Stirrup Hoes
These both work on the same principle and we normally stock replacement blades for all sizes, but please remember:-
Oscillating Hoes fit onto Wooden Handles and
Stirrup Hoes fit onto Wheelhoes
The blades are not the same!
Oscillating Hoe Blades
85 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm,
175 mm, 200 mm
For ordering, please go to www.reagtools.co.uk

All  Blades come supplied with new bolts and ‘nyloc’ type self-locking nuts.
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